Shabbos; Jewish day of Rest

After appearing in a documentary film in which I aid my good friend Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski in a situation regarding a rug and some unchecked aggression I have been asked continually about a few of my statements while on camera, mostly about me being Shomer Shabbos. As I explained to the late Theodore Donald Karabostos “Donny” I do not participate in many of the extravagant pleasantries of this modern life on Shabbos. I was admittedly heated during our discussion and I wanted to clear up that Shabbos is a time of peace. It told him a few things I don’t do on Shabbos, but this site can describe it much better than I ever could:

Here’s another link for those of you wondering what you can do on the day of rest:

Me personally folks I don’t do much most of the time, and the only reason I was seen doing anything in the film on Shabbos was because I was helping a friend which I feel should be allowed no matter the circumstance so if I was in violation of the rules forgive me but sometimes you must bend rules.



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