Over the line!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In all moments of life there are rules we’re asked to follow, unfortunately in most of these moments we are  left to enforce these rules on our own. Order and understanding is what separates us from animals, and perhaps that is why I was so offended in the documentary when Smokey stepped over the line during our league match. To me it wasn’t so much that he broke a rule, but how he refused to take ownership of his violation which really set me off. Did I point my gun at Smokey? Yes. Did I ever intend to shoot? No, Of course not! Unfortunately the L.A.P.D. doesn’t particularly care about intent, and they charged me with disorderly conduct, and brandishing of a deadly weapon as well as forcing me into anger management therapy with the lovely Dr. Gabriella Caló Seigel. I didn’t agree with the charges at first and I was really set on not ever attending any meetings but I have now come to realize how foolish that would’ve been. As Dr. Seigel pointed out to me I was angry at Smokey for breaking the rules, and now that I have been charged with breaking the rules I must accept my mistakes and metaphorically “mark a zero” for myself. If you’re dealing with anger issues I’d highly recommend joining our group. Here is a link to Dr. Seigel, from her site you can find meeting times and locations…you can see me there Thursdays at 6:30. My assigned sessions have concluded but I still attend to help others by sharing my story.



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