From Star Lanes to El Dorado Lanes

Toward the dirtier end of Santa Monica Boulevard there used to stand a beautiful establishment by the name of Star Lanes.


This place was everything that was good about America and they tore it down in 2002 just around the time everything else good about America was being cleared out to make way for this new age of larger asses, and google glasses. I now do all my rolling at El Dorado Lanes on Lincoln Blvd. It’s not Star Lanes but it’s not the worst place to roll. It maintains the classic feel of the bowling alleys I have always enjoyed.


League play starts up again soon and I have been making this place my second home for the last month now if only I can get the Dude to join me, but he’s apparently too busy being a father to come out more than once a F*****g week. Give me a break, as if you can’t leave the child at home to learn to take care of itself. Parents these days are absolutely insane with their over protective, ultra involved bullshit!

Come join me in our league and I’ll roll all over you like I did that pederist Jesus, here’s the link to join.


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